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Free Things: Street Fighter X Mega Man
13th March 2013
12:32 pm

6 Pieces Written
Mega Man faces of against Ryu and his many Hadokens.

2012 played host to the 25th anniversaries of both Street Fighter and Mega Man; two of Capcom's most loved franchises. To celebrate the occasion the Japanese publisher released Street Fighter X Mega Man as freeware to be shared anywhere online by fans.

Just like the classic games you play as Mega Man as you run and jump through each of the levels, beat  Robot Masters’ and defeat Dr Wily. However this game has a twist; Mega Man must do battle against the characters of the Street Fighter games, such as Ryu and Chun-Li, at the end of each stage.

This being a Mega Man game there is plenty in the way of a challenge for the famed Blue Bomber. Stages require you to make the most of the Mega Man’s abilities. Jumping, sliding and charging up a shot from the Mega Buster are all needed to safely navigate your way through the levels.

The game controls as well as any Mega Man game ever has and never feels slow. Although the game can become frustratingly difficult in some areas it is still fun to play and retains a classic charm with its password based save system and retro looks.

A recent V2 update has added a new secret challenger to the game, bug fixes and improved controller support.

Overall I found this a really enjoyable game and had a lot of fun playing it despite some frustrations.

You can download Street Fighter X Mega Man for free here.

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