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Runescape 3
4th May 2013
08:32 pm

4 Pieces Written

Similar to the transition from Runescape classic to Runescape 2; Runescape 3 is a large set of updates for Runescape 2 set to come this summer.

Some changes that are rumored to be included are:

  • Multiple Characters per Account.
  • The game becoming more narrative-based, with greater influence on storylines with general gameplay.
  • Large amounts of involvement with the Gods.

"High risk, high return gameplay to combat gambling." 

  • Rework to summoning, including changes to the pet system, general leveling, usefulness of familiars and returns on investments.
  • Updates to agility, changing in relationship between energy, running and agility.
  • Long-term updates to runecrafting, fletching and other skills in relation to players making their own equipment and ammunition.
  • High Fidelity Sound.
  • Graphical updates - Includes increased draw distance, "real skies", weather effects, dynamic shadows, real time reflects, a new water shader, lighting effects & richer colour palette as mentioned in Runescape Behind The Scenes Video 48.
  • Customizable Interfaces.
  • A Clothes editing system, allowing players to dress themselves as they wish.


You can play RuneScape here.

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