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Google Chrome Update with New Tab & Omnibox Changes
21st April 2013
10:49 pm

6 Pieces Written
A redesigned new tab

Google have rolled out a significant update to their Google Chrome browser. The update includes a redesigned new tab page, with less frequently visited tiles making space for a large Google search box and logo. 

The page now only contains four smaller tiles of the sites you visit most, compared to the large eight in the previous iteration of the browser. A Google search box is held under a grey Google logo, presumably so to work with any of the variations of Chrome theme users have. However, when the search box is typed in it snaps to the top of the screen and becomes the Omnibox. Two search boxes on the same screen?

The updated Omnibox contains a Google logo next to any suggestions when typing, shown below. Also any suggestions shown move the page downward, rather than overlaying on the top part of the open page, as they did previously.




Its not often that a Chrome update is more than merely bug fixes, however these new features are currently only available in the Google Chrome Beta.

No sign of the Blink engine as yet though, but could these new features be hinting that Blink will arrive soon? 

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Google Chrome Update with New Tab & Omnibox Changes |